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Line To Heaven

Intro: D-A-G-A-; (2x)

D           A                  G-, A,
   Heaven knows I've done no wrong
D          A                 G       A
   I only want to sing this song to you
D              A                G-, A,
   Why did it have to end this way
D          A                  G      A
   Only a fool like me could say to you that...

D                  A/Db               G
   If I ever had a line to heaven I swear
   I'd call you there
D                      A/Db               G
   And if I ever had a line to heaven I swear
   Bm        A       G hold G, A,
   I'll be there tonight.

D                    A               G-, A,
   Now where would I be without you now
D             A                    G        A
   I have to make it through this life somehow
D        A                G-, A,
   Only time will tell me so
D            A               G        A
   All the things I need to know somehow.

Repeat Chorus except last word

D/Gb         G
   How do I find the answers
   D                           A
   All the questions I've been hiding inside
D/Gb            G
   And all the fun and the laughters
        D                  A      G hold G, A,
   We shared all have to stand beside.

Repeat Chorus

Repeat Chorus except last two chords


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