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Bring Me Down

Intro: D-, Dsus, G-; (3x)
       D-Dsus-D pause

    D     G
 Is it unfair
D             G
 Would you beware
D            Bm              C-G/B-A7sus-A7
 If I might catch you in a stare
      D              G
 Now tell me if it's okay
       D                     G
 If I walk past your door today
      D             Bm               C-G/B-A7sus-A7
 I'm runnin' out of happy things to say.

Refrain: (pause after each chord)

     Em                     Bm
 But I  don't need a funny line
        G                        D
 'Cause nobody laughs at (a/my) castle
        that's (crawling/crumbling/crumbles) down
 With every word you,    every game you
G           A
 Every heh-heh-heh-hey.


D           G
 C'mon now tell me
D               G              D
 Would it be a better day for you
    Bm            G-D/F#-Em-
 If you bring me down?

Repeat Intro's 1st line 2x

(1st verse chords)
 You got your coat and tie
 And you're looking so cool
 In front of the TV cam'ra (yeah)
 All that just to tell us we'll be gone
 Now tell me is it all OK
 If I told you you're all funky and gay
 Does anyone ever have a happy thing to say?

Repeat Refrain & Chorus


Ad lib

Dm-A-; (2x)
D-G-; (2x)

Repeat Refrain

Repeat Chorus 2x

           G    D/F#      Em
 Bring me down (bring me down) (2x)
          G      D/F#  Em-D-, Dsus, G
 Bring me   down      (oh).

Illustrated Chords:

G/B x20003
D/F# 2x0232

E-mail me for any correction.